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chanel bag

Human demand for consumer goods is becoming more and more demanding,in addition to the features of the product,quality,capacity and other basic things of colour,packaging,bottle shape, etc,to promote sales also plays a more and more important role.Chanel no. 5 perfume already has a unique product,support and complete quality assurance team,whether it is enough.Chanel lady thought also is not perfect,also need to increase again in terms of bottle shape of chanel no. 5 perfume,make it completely independent of high-grade perfume community,make their blazing and object does not light.Based on the concept of Total Look,Mrs Chanel perfume is female outfit,a final important steps to make the finishing point.Therefore,even if there were only family would launch perfume perfume,with fashion designer chanel lady who also decided to insist on to brand, chanel perfume,and have obvious talent in bottle shape design and the remarkable insights: "my aesthetic point of view is different with others, others lest not add up,and I minus one."It is this reason,make the chanel no.5 perfume bottles of simple shape design works in the same period of the perfume,and become one of the strangest look,because in all the best of heavy and complicated is colorful capabilities of perfume bottles,only like a bottle of chanel no.5 perfume of naked bottle.But this is a simple,forming a new aesthetic force successfully with the aristocratic ladies elegant heart,finally they don't have to be drowned in the flashy riches and honour,and can in the design of concise and powerful,find valuable texture.

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