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Chanel lifelong not married,she created a great empire of the fashion, the pursuit of the life that you want to at the same time,its itself is the independent women best example,which is the most understand feelings of fun in a new era of women.And British aristocrat ETIENNE BALSAN going back and forth,the other party she opened its first financed a millinery,while another ARTHUR CAPEL is contributive to open fashion shop;She travel with the duke of Westminster,inspired design first tweed suit;Every male in my life the source of our creative,she is not by luck alone,but is very hard work earnestly,even until the ripe old age of 70 she comeback longer serve.In addition to fashion,Chanel also ChanelNo 5 perfume was introduced in 1921,actress Nicole Kidman as spokesman for No. 5 perfume bottle is a bottle with great taste Art Deco.Chanel No. 5 is the first in the history of a bottle of perfume of named for designers.And the "double C" logo also make this bottle of perfume Chanel history's most profitable products,and the durable time in hengyuan corridor,and still exist in the official website of Chanel is the key to promote product.

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