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chanel clutch

Advertising is the important carrier of brand image to establish and promote product sales,any company has to focus on advertising communication,and more or less on advertising. But there is an advertising effect is good or bad,the final response to the pros and cons of advertising,such as the choice of the degree of the effect of advertising design, advertising media appropriate or not, advertising and the number of cycles,etc.Only a comprehensive,balanced ready,ran out of the advertisement effect is very good. Chanel no. 5 perfume advertisement operation model is in this respect.Such as advertising effect,chanel no. 5 perfume advertising on the one hand, a striking visual performance, such as black,red,pure color background stands a huge "5",a gourmet beauty standing right in the middle,from the beauty of chanel no. 5 perfume has flew, sprinkle perfume is romantic floating in the air,give a person a kind of beauty, a strong visual sense,on the other hand,with its brand connotation is closely together,communicate is a kind of noble,elegant and elegant,can let the consumer to enjoy,more can go to taste and recall - this design expression and advertising appeal, please no doubt the brand chanel no.5 perfume,convey to the target consumers to tell things dissolve into one.Good design work,if delivery is not appropriate,also is gone.Chanel no. 5 perfume brand has a strict control on advertising media,must be closely related to chanel no. 5 perfume targeted media,such as high-grade professional magazines,upscale clubs,etc.This article from tao company.In terms of number of ads and cycle,chanel no. 5 perfume is in a planned way and targeted delivery, extensive coverage can not especially,but all try advertising message in time and in place.

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