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In 1914,the coco ยท Chanel opened two boutiques,influenced the great fashion "Chanel" announcement was born.Step into the 20's of last century,Chanel has designed many innovative styles, such as knit sailor dress (tricot sailor dress), black miniskirt (little black dress),Turtle neck dress,etc.And Coco get inspiration from men's,and added more to the ladies' man,a change when the ornate fashion of women's clothes too showy.For example,a suit jacket (Blazer) joined in the women's series, also introduced ladies' pants.Do not forget that women would wear a dress in the 20's.Coco brings the history of the creation of this series for modern fashion revolution. Coco fashion aesthetic insights and rare talent,she made a lot of poets,artists and intellectuals.Abstract School of painting out of her friend Maestro Picasso (Picasso),France Director poets.Gao Keduo (Jean Cocteau),and so on.Cultured,talented and refined,France the golden age of fashion and art development.In 1914,Coco opened two boutiques,influenced the fashion brand Chanel announced far-reaching official birth.After Coco Chanel became famous,when Russian composer Stravinsky Igo,Igor took his wife and young children,France performance of the rite of spring.At the time of the rite of spring is at the vanguard of stagecraft,the French did not accept,Gore's talents.Creations by Chanel appreciated innovations of Igor,she not only aided Igor continued to write,let Al Gore,with his wife and children moved into the mansion with her together. Igor's wife sick, beauty and sense of independence of Chanel had,and Gore who married an incestuous love ... ... Igor wife kills her husband said she woke up every morning,and always smelled a smell of rotting,at first thought it was an indoor flowers,finally found his body inch by inch in the rot.Also because of her comments,with Chanel Igor later when touching,my heart full of struggle.Hi Elena take their children out of Chanel's mansion,write letters who impressed,she said to Chanel:I respect you for your generosity,but cannot respect the morals.

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