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Chanel design with a distinctive personal colors,her pursuit of freedom but sentimentally attached to men;She has a very strong independent but feminine flavour.Her hometown - central France Auvergne - is a poor region full of extinct volcanoes terrain,at the age of seventy she once described himself as "Auvergne only an imperishable active volcano".Now,look to the roaring brand popular industry of heavy and complicated,Chanel is still a fashion a forever immortal active volcanoes.Chanel brand takes high-end course,fashion simple,simple,comfortable,pure style,graceful and restrained,generous,beautiful beautiful youth."Is fleeting,style forever",is still the guiding force behind the brand; "Luxuriant and not the opposite of poverty,but the vulgar",ms Chanel dominated the Chanel brand is the most special of practical luxuriant,she take inspiration from around his life,especially in love,not like other designers,asking others to cooperate with their design,Chanel brand provides the liberating freedom and choice, will dress design from the male point of view is given priority to,fashion into a beauty of female autonomy stage performance,the demand of women's nature can be converted to the connotation of the brand Chanel.

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