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chanel perfume

Products have a very good core, you also need to support it with quality will only promote the sale of products for a long time.Chanel Lady certainly knows this-20th century United States famous sex symbol Marilyn Monroe ยท Monroe in which her special secrets of sexy glamour had said:"in bed I used only Chanel 5th".A seemingly ordinary words,but way out of Chanel perfume exquisite modulation technology and represents a unique style and Chanel Lady looking to the unique characteristics of the products at the same time,with practical actions to support this unique features in order to promote the perfume,Chanel 5th successfully into the market and grow up healthily.At the Chanel company,all fragrances are not to follow production processes are modulated in order,but to fully mobilize the perfumer divisions, such as smell,sight,touch,hearing,taste nerves,feel with body, mind and spirit,experience,products,to create products with our minds.Can say so directly,Chanel is no 5th Division by modulation modulation with his nose out,thereby ensuring the 5th perfumes of Chanel,which coincide with the people's nose habits, and unique taste and flavor.As fragrant Mrs Nair himself described it: "this is what I want.The perfume of a radically different from the past;a woman's perfume a smell strong,memorable perfume."In 1986,with Chanel's" nose "the perfumer Jacques Polge created a nickname Chanel Eau de toilette,5th,again perform graceful female beauty in a whole new way,brisk lemon fruit with vanilla and vanilla to give fragrance to smell sweet surprise and joy.In addition,Jacques Pollge company for Chanel perfumes,is sticking to its usual unique ingredients:a jasmine and used in glass production in May rose.This is for unique high quality and a sweet perfume Chanel perfume has laid a solid foundation.

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