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chanel purse

Ms Chanel is Chanel's founder,even for the person with a lot of knowledge of international luxury brands,perhaps incense Nair ladies known is not much,but as a true brand,under the influence of its founder is inevitable.Tend to have what kind of character and attitude,the founder of the brand,the majority is given one or two on their brand.Ms Chanel introduce Chanel's founder's story below.Chanel was born in 1883,is a France of poor unmarried couples a second child.Her father was a grocer from cevennes and his mother was a shepherd girl in the mountains of Auvergne.It is said that Chanel was born in France Saumur;another was born in France in South India.In fact,legends about her life,opinions, and Chanel to death tried to avoid and hide, just more so that she was covered with a layer of fog.Chanel's childhood was unhappy.When she was 12 years old his mother died and father left her and her 4 siblings.From then on,she was raised by her aunt,a child placed in a Convent School (Convent School),where she learned first-hand sewing techniques.In a year when she was 22,1905,she becomes a Cafe singer, and the name "Coco",in different theaters and singing for a living.During this period of career as a showgirl in the Coco has made two regulars,becoming their lover's friend,one was a United Kingdom industry,another officer who is rich.Meet dignitaries,COCO could afford to open his own shop.In 1910, Coco opened a ladies' Hat shop in Paris (the millinery shop),with exceptional sewing skills, sew a hat to a style simple and good-looking.Two of her friends as she introduces a number of celebrity guests.When ladies are tired of the fancy frills,Chanel is simple and comfortable hat like the fountain cool for them.Within the space of a year,business has risen steadily and Coco shop moved to her temperament is more fashion (fashionable) Rue Cambon (kangming neighborhoods),this zone is Chanel's headquarters base.Hats must not meet Coco fashion career ambitions,so her into senior uniform (Haute Couture) field.

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