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chanel wallet

And 40s,after the second world war broke out,Coco Chanel's shop off her store,and refuge in Switzerland with the Nazi officers who chanel love.Coco to return to France in 1954,Chanel stage a comeback,with her usual concise nature of women's clothing style,quickly to capture all the ladies heart in Paris.Short dreadnought,flares,and so on of the post-war period is Coco Chanel.Or just speak post-war Chanel style has maintained concise and expensive,multi-purpose Tartan plaid printed or north European geometry,and often used suiting (tweed) made clothes,comfortable and natural.Design talent from chanel's death in 1983,KARL LAGERFELD succession.Since 1983,he has served as chief designer Chanel,Chanel fashion to another peak.Karl,he has a free,and easy design mentality,he always mysteriously to unify two opposing art feeling in design,both bold and unrestrained and dignified,both the French romantic,humorous,and the German rigorous,exquisite.He didn't have the same model line and preference colour,but from his design from beginning to end all can figure out "chanel" pure demeanor.Has an interesting places worthy to mention,that is,brand founded nearly ninety years,never made a menswear,until 2005/2006 autumn and winter series,have been made for only a few pieces of men's clothing listed. "Chanel represents is a kind of style,a unique style of enduring",Chanel so described her own design,not thinking about what to do next,but ask yourself the following to perform,in what way is so encouraging will never stop.Passion confidence Chanel lady will this spirit into her every design,make the Chanel became a very personal style of the brand.

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